newfound gap in the smoky mountains

4 Scenic Drives in the Smoky Mountains You Have to Go On

A popular way of exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is to take a scenic drive. You can stay in the comfort of your car while enjoying the beauty of the mountains. Plus, there are plenty of pull offs and trails right off these roads where you can get out if you want to. Taking a scenic drive is a great way to spend time in the Smoky Mountains! Here are 4 scenic drives in the Smoky Mountains you have to go on:

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rainbow falls in the smoky mountains

Top 5 Waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains You’ll Want to See

Some of the most beautiful natural sights you’ll want to see in the Smoky Mountains are the waterfalls! There are a wide range of hiking trails to get to each of the waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains, so no matter if you’ve never hiked before or you hike all the time, there’s a waterfall for you! Check out these top 5 waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains you’ll want to see:

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couple duel ziplining in the mountains

Top 5 Places to Go Ziplining in the Smoky Mountains

Do you love adventure? Take your friends and family ziplining in the Smoky Mountains, where you’ll have incredible views of the mountains at many of the courses and experience nature along the way! Everyone will have a blast gliding through the trees and racing each other down hills. Look at these top 5 places to go ziplining in the Smoky Mountains:

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